Waltzing with the Red Devil

Have you ever waltzed with the red devil? His melody is a hypnotic drug, mesmerizing — quite enticing. He makes you think you may walk away whole. But alas, the red devil is greedy. You’ll pay for that dance in pounds of flesh, and pray you can shoulder the emotional weight.

I have danced with this devil while holding close to my sisters. Prayed, to no avail, not a one would be taken when the music stopped.

These works are thoughtfully constructed figurative portraits, shrouds, testimonials and epitaphs.


Herstory is a composite of shared stories, experiences and teachings that run through our lineage. Ushered by women, it touches the deepest parts of our souls — it is our heartbeat… our songlines. Herstory is the recorded accounts of all who came before us and is cradled in the hearts of those who will sing the next chapters.

Deeply layered with memories, conversations, passions, yearnings, fears, regrets… and hopes, these works reflect the many layers and textures of life.

Bio Blooms

Presented under glass, as if seen under a microscope, these works are inspired by the “biological-blooms” of our natural world. Each explores the beauty of cellular structure, proliferation and the delicate balance necessary for normal development and growth.