Vintage and Handmade Textiles imbue a life into my work that new and commercial fabrics simply cannot impart.

Fabrics have been my preferred medium for decades. My earlier works sought to bend fabrics to my will through any means necessary. Candles, heat-guns and torches were among the many devices in my tool box. I would twist, burn and melt the fibers to conform to my vision and fool the viewer into believing it was anything but fabric — an agave whose leaves would never rot … a monarch cocooned never to emerge and spread its wings … an uprooted lily in full-bloom never needing water.

While the pieces were delicate they were forged in a “heated” tug-of-war that melted fibers into submission.

Then a pandemic hit and I, like the rest of the world, cocooned. It was during those years that I stopped fighting the fabric to bend to my will. I started to imagine the spirit of those who once cherished these tattered and worn remnants. The wear of the fabric was evidence of all the joy they once gave to others.

I no longer struggle to bend fabrics to my wishes. Rather I look to tap into their “soul.” Many of my findings exhibit the patina of truly cherished items. These are just the signs of how much they were once loved; and that is not something to be hidden.


Education: BA, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, 1992


2023: Texturas de la Vida | Arte Textile (solo exhibition), Centro de Las Artes de San Luis Potosi, SLP, México

2023: Visionarias, Casa Europa Mexico, San Miguel de Allende, GTO, México

2022: Texturas de la Vida (solo exhibition), Museo de la Mujer, Ciudad de México, México

2022: Mujeres en el Arte, Galería Calderoni, San Miguel de Allende, GTO, México

2022: Voluntad en Movimiento, Senado de la República, Ciudad de México, México

2018: WOW – World of WearableArt™, New Zealand, “Something Fishy: A Man-Eater Double Feature” awarded the Sustainability Award

2016: WOW – World of WearableArt™, New Zealand, “Hope for the Breast” exhibited

2014-2018: WOW – World of WearableArt™ Exhibition World Tour

Perc Tucker Regional Gallery | Townsville, Australia

Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum | Honolulu, Hawaii

EMP Museum | Seattle

WAPeabody Essex Museum | Salem, MA

2012: World of WearableArt™, New Zealand, “aBRAcalypse Now” awarded Runner Up for the WETA Award

2012: Magenta Gallery, Group Show, San Miguel de Allende, MX

2011: Infinity Art Gallery, Political and Social Art Exhibit 2nd Place for El Árbol de las Lamentaciones (The Wailing Tree)

2011-2013: Off the Wall, WOW™ exhibit New Zealand museum tour

2011: World Textile Art Organization 11th Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art, Recyclability Salon, Museo Centro de las Artes de San Agustín, Oaxaca, Mexico

2010: World of WearableArt™, New Zealand, “Prickly Heat” awarded Commended World of WearableArt™ & Classic Car Museum Bizarre Bra® Section

2010: Projekt 30 Exhibition

2010: Upstream People Gallery

2010: Oasis, San Miguel de Allende, MX

Permanent Collections: The Huberman Collection | World of WearableArt™ Historic Collection

Excerpts from “Textura de la Vida” @ Museo de la Mujer, CDMX {photos courtesy of Patrice Wynne}